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Saturday, 10 April 2010


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Erin Blakemore

This reminds me of a documentary I saw on Motown artists that at one point talked about a woman (whose name has escaped me - damn) who was in charge of teaching the artists manners. I always wanted to read a book or something about it!

Precious Williams

@Erin - that sounds fascinating. And it seems the Motown woman did a REALLY good job - those artists were very polished


hahaha! This is brilliant. It brhogut back a really strange memory for me Imagine if you will:I'm in 10th grade and sitting in a study hall, when the thuggish guy who is assigned the seat next to mine plops down. He looks perturbed. After a couple of minutes of anxious rocking and readjusting he mutters, Gangsta's . don't cry. I wonder what rap song that came from?

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