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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


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Yup Yup
I have heard about many vegans and vegetarians that decide to go that route in order to prevent overconsumption. The way I look at it, the Earth has a system that allows her to take care of herself and her inhabitants. It is a check and balance if you will, the circle of life. For example, there is a fish that prevents the release of a deadly gas from a portion of the ocean. But because humans have overconsumed the fish, the gas is being released into the ocean. Back to my point. Humans have been on Earth for many centuries. As we begun to evolve and develop, the brain and body required more in order to survive. Which is why we started to consume meat and cook. Now, Afrika's residents from way back in the day before King Menes united north and south Egypt, ate meat and worked with the Earth. According to Afrikan philosophy, we are to work with nature and become connected with it. This connection with mother Earth also kept the human population in check like other elements the Earth uses to keep her residents in check. However, the change came when Europeans came with the idea of totally removing themselves from nature and trying to find a way to beat the caps that Earth set up to keep everything in check. So now that they have some what accomplished this through industrial revolutions and ways to make food cheaper, faster, and at larger quantities, we have more humans on Earth. Not to say that technological advances were bad at all, but protecting the Earth was not apart of the plan. Also, a lot of the diseases that we fight are because of our diets. Now, what we are witnessing, with global warming, overconsumption, and diseases, is Earth's way of trying to save herself or she is dying. Do I believe the answer is to stop eating meat and slow down technological advances, no. I believe we have to get back to nature and embrace that we must work with her in order to be nurished. Also, who is to say that if everybody became a vegan, that plant overconsumption would not occur. And plants keep our air clean best they can and help with good soil. There has to be a balance and cleaner ways have to be produced in order to meet the needs of the population.


Sorry about this long and personal boinrg story.I dont really wish anyone to read this essay its just a way for me to vent my feelings!!!i come from India where vegetarianism is the NORM in a majority of the states and meat-eaters are generally out of view. I originate from one of the exclusive non-vegetarian communities among Hindus. We do exist in large numbers but all my life i ve grown up in regions where vegetarians dominated. That has influenced my food habits and even when i was a meat-eater, I would relish it mostly once in a week or rarer. 95% of the time, I would stick to the same food as vegetarins surrounding me did.Only one person in my current circle of friends and contacts eats meat (apart from the ex-me, a recent vegetarian convert). Most people I know have never relished the joys of non-vegetarian fare for their whole lives they consider it something abnormal, not to mention sinful due to the all-pervasive influence of Hinduism!!!Its not like the vegetarians have a problem with meat-eaters (or ex-meaters like me) as people but their strict dietary principles can cause a lot of annoyance for those who relish tasty chicken, mutton and fish. As you know Indian food has quite a lot of culiniary diversity when it comes to non-vegetarian fare. However, vegetarians in India can be real fanatics. They want to make you feel guilty for eating meat. Its not like they love animals or birds its just they consider themselves superior to you! Vegetarians in India put up segregated residential areas where they do not allow non-vegetarian renters or home-owners. At the school cafeteria or dining halls, the vegetarians wont sit next to you if youre having meat on the table. Being an ex-non-vegetarian, I had endured years of abuse and bigotry from vegetarians. They always tried to influence what I could eat, or what I could not.As a sign of rebellion, as soon as I sprung on my own feet, earning money, I decided to middle finger these vegetarians. I became a militant non-vegetarian and would deliberately annoy these vegetarians with discussions on meat. I experimented with pork (which is not very common in Indian cuisine) and started enjoying the taste of swine flesh. I also doubled or tripled my intake of mutton, chicken, turkeys, prawn, lobster I just didnt try beef for my own religious taboo. However, I would have done that too just if I had the opportunity to piss off a few vegetarians!Howver, 3-4 years of being a voracious carnivore means I had abused my body a lot. I gained 50 pounds extra weight, had to constantly empty my bowels to take a shite as I really used to shit a hell lot when eating all that rich, tasty meat! I always felt lethargic and depressed even though I wasnt really eating as much meat as Americans do! Things came to a head when I developed knee problems at age 28 I had severe recurring pains in my knee. The doctor told me it had everything to do with my excess weight. That comment stung me for days at end! My pro-meat lifestyle was wrong, and doing me endless damage. Soon, I saw the source of the problem. It wasnt the meat per se, but the gluttony that it was encouraging. No doubt non-vegetarian fare is much more delicious than vegetarian fare. But, a look into my surroundings confirmed my worst anxieties I took a critical and observed that the vegetarians living near me enjoyed much better health than I did. They were usually leaner, the right shape, shit only once a day and seemed to enjoy their lives better. I also did a statistical research on this subject to find vegetatrian communities in India also tend to be the RICHEST communities. I suddenly started associating the same vegetarians who I middle fingered in the past with success, and wealth. I wanted to be like them the aspiration was that immediate.Over the last six months I ve been vegetarian. It has profoundly healed my body and mind. I have lost 25 pounds (still on target for another 25 to regain my lost shape). My knee problems have disappeared. I also feel more active, energetic and the feeling that I'm not killing animals does feel good. Although, I still believe eating meat in moderation is good. I still eat eggs and dairy. So, I m more of a lacto ovo vegetarian. Unlike before, I also feel more accepted in vegetatarian surroundings. Earlier, I used to mock their dietary habits, now I'm one of them. So, I'm no longer a pariah at the table.


First, I love your website and have been sinhrag it w/ my vegan husband who also loves it so thank you! I have always eaten the WORST diet imaginable until a few years ago, my husband's vegan example (not lecturing) gradually influenced my food choices. This past year during Lent (hey, if 1/5 of the world is suffering, I can too!) I decided to go strict vegan. Mind you, I was only vegetarian once during a different Lent (6 wks long and I hated it). Well, it was miserable to say the least. The first 3 weeks are torture, but after that it gets MUCH easier! I held steady and finished out the 6 weeks, then I ate a homemade fried chicken & 5 cheese pasta for Easter Sunday and felt so horrible I continued to be vegan for another 4 weeks. Since then I have made a decision to eat vegan for almost every meal (about 95% of all my meals). When I want a cheese steak, pizza or egg sandwich or any other crappy food, I make myself wait 2 weeks. If I still want it, which is almost never, I eat it. But when I finally eat it, it doesn't even taste that good so I don't eat that item again. The pros for being vegan (since you know the cons): more energy, less fat in the diet, poop w/ regularity (not as much of a problem for guys, I know), less swelling while being active, less mood swings (another girl thing), weight loss, clearer mind. I have ALWAYS enjoyed cooking & baking, but I know what you mean about it being different not cooking meat. When you go vegan, it's super fun to learn about flax seeds replacing eggs in baking and trying almond, rice, hemp, & oat milks. Try cashew cream to replace cream in sauces & nutritional yeast helps w/ a cheesy flavor. I know I'm not even 100% vegetarian, but I hope this helps.

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